Thank You for Responding

Thank you to everyone who participated in my recent survey! Both your comments and the places where you chose to be silent have given me some good direction and a lot to think about in the coming year. I’m happy to share the following results.

1. Publication Frequency. When You Work for the Church features new posts on alternate weeks, but I’ve wondered about publishing more frequently on a weekly basis. When asked whether the current publishing schedule is just right, too much, or not enough, responses were remarkably consistent, with all respondents favouring the current schedule.

2. Content. When asked to choose three content areas that you would MOST like to see more of, I was actually surprised that Theology of Work received the most votes by far.

Other suggestions included:

  • working through conflicts,
  • sustaining the work/self-care,
  • the trend toward part-time ministry workers rather than full-time,
  • how to handle spiritual abuse in a job situation,
  • how to decide when to leave a ministry,
  • how church members, board, and staff can work together to create a supportive and caring work atmosphere,
  • and many more ideas.

3. Original Articles and Reprints. I read so much great content that instead of simply producing more, one of my goals is to highlight excellent content from elsewhere in addition to original articles. Yet I sometimes wonder whether people might be disappointed at seeing a reprint, so I asked about the mix of original articles and reprints curated from other sources. Interesting that just over 20% would prefer more original articles, while 36% say they don’t notice the difference.

4. Other Blogs. I was curious to see what other websites or blogs people are reading, but many skipped this question because they read too many to list, or because they don’t read any others, or for some unknown reason. Many listed various news sources, both Christian and more general, plus a wide selection of other sources, including:

5. Other comments included thanks and general encouragement, some longer email responses, and one person even said, “Love this survey!” I love that comment!

The survey is now closed,

but your comments are very welcome below.

Thank you for reading, and please subscribe to read at your own pace

as I follow up on your great ideas in the coming weeks.

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