Faith Today: Living Well After the Pandemic

last updated June 23, 2021

Faith Today is Canada’s Christian magazine, the leading national hub of information and connection for Canada’s estimated four million evangelical Christians.

It connects, informs and profiles Evangelicals across all national Protestant traditions, equipping readers with expert research and insight into Canadian culture, Christian life and ministry.

– from the Faith Today website

Faith Today hosted a free webinar on Living Well After the Pandemic, and I was delighted to participate as one of four guests. Please see Pandemic Lessons to Carry Forward for some of my further thoughts after the webinar, and see below for the replay.

Introducing Living Well After the Pandemic

Join our conversation with Carolyn Arends, April Yamasaki, Ken Shigematsu and Danielle Strickland. We’ll discuss what we’ve learned from this challenging, weird, difficult pandemic experience as Canadian Christians individually and as the Church. Our panel will share insights and experiences in spiritual health and wellness and how we can live even slightly tweaked lives based on our Covid-19 experiences.

Living Well After the Pandemic Webinar


For more encouragement and resources on doing ministry better:

Author: April Yamasaki

I currently serve as resident author with a liturgical worship community, write online and in print publications, and often speak in churches and other settings. Publications include On the Way with Jesus, Four Gifts, Sacred Pauses, and other books on Christian living. Websites: and

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