For Weary and Wounded Leaders

If you haven’t yet heard Dan White Jr. and the Great Pastor Resignation, I highly recommend his first-person story featured by The New York Times. In this interview, he shares some of his experiences as a pastor, and how one day while on vacation with his wife, his hands started shaking and wouldn’t stop.

They cut their vacation short, and returned home where Dan went through a week-long battery of neurological tests and was finally diagnosed with cumulative traumatic stress disorder (CTSD).

“It’s not from one significant violent act,” he was told, “It’s consistently being in a very conflict-oriented, painful circumstance over a long period of time.”

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Be encouraged by Dan’s story of stress and renewal: Dan White Jr., and the Great Pastor Resignation

Learn about Tonya and Dan White Jr.’s ministry to wounded and weary leaders: The Kineo Center, “a focused initiative to offer healing in the midst of a hard calling”

For Canadian pastors of small churches (150 people or less on a Sunday morning), Small Church Connections offers retreats for spiritual refreshment, learning, and time to relax. For information on retreats coming up this fall in Banff, Alberta; Cambridge, Ontario; and Cornwallis Park, Nova Scotia, please see Small Church Pastors’ Retreat.


For more encouragement and resources on doing ministry better:

Author: April Yamasaki

I currently serve as resident author with a liturgical worship community, edit a quarterly devotional magazine, write online and in print publications, and often speak in churches and other settings. Published books include On the Way with Jesus, Four Gifts, Sacred Pauses, and other books on Christian living. Websites: and

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  1. You’re so welcome, Carmen. On their home page, The Kineo Center has a video that begins: “We’ve got a problem. But few are talking about it. 6 out of 10 pastors says they are depressed. 74% of pastors will experience a burnout at some point. We are beat up and bruised.” Due to some technical difficulties, I wasn’t able to include the video in my post here, but I found it helpful too.

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