Finding Balance in Life and Ministry

The November issue of The Redbud Post is all about finding balance, which seems to be such a challenge today whether you work for the church or not.

Balance between church/work and family. Balance between experienced and new members on committees, different gifts, different ethnic backgrounds, men and women, older, younger, and middle-aged. Balance of music styles in worship. Balance of chores and leisure time. Questions of balance seem to be everywhere.

7 Ways to Keep Sabbath When You Work on Sunday

Working for the church or other Christian organization often means working on Sundays. That might be most obvious for pastors responsible for Sunday morning worship, but that’s also the case for many others as well. Think of denominational staff and those involved in parachurch ministries who travel to speak at different churches on Sunday mornings. Or those on shift work in care homes as nursing staff, preparing meals, cleaning, or performing other duties.