I Can’t Do It All, and You Can’t Either

last updated March 23, 2019

A friend shared this image on Twitter, and said, “Anyone else need this great news today? Thanks for Four Gifts.”

For more information, please see Four Gifts: Seeking Self-Care for Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength and Four Gifts Launch Party Photos, Order from Herald Press, AmazonBarnes & Noble, CommonWord, or your favourite on-line or local bookstore.

Four Gifts began as an earlier blog post: Is Self-Care Part of Your Paid Employment, and Should It Be?, and I so appreciate your interest and support.

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Ordained minister with 25 years' experience as lead pastor of a mid-size, multi-staff church, now resident author with a liturgical worship community. Writes online and in print publications. Often speaks in churches and other settings. Author of On the Way with Jesus, Four Gifts, Sacred Pauses, and other books on Christian living. For more, see AprilYamasaki.com and WhenYouWorkfortheChurch.com.

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